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How to buy a New Build home in Spain

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Click for the Sun is the only one exclusive expert estate agent in New Homes sales in the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa de Almeria.

We represent over 70 carefully selected builders and constructors who have built key-ready and off-plan developments in prime locations in the last 20 years.

We have excellent local knowledge and this experience allow us to personally carry out extensive due diligence on all of the builders we deal with and we have a rigorous criteria that needs to be met by all of our promoters . The process for buying a new home is very straight forward. 

Click for the Sun is your ideal partner in the process of buying a new home in Spain.

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It’s clear Spain is a touristic country and the Costa Blanca is the target area for many people from many differents countries to live in and the New home market show us the confidence is returning in Spain for purchasing an Off-Plan property.

After a big recession until 2012, it’s a fact the confident has come back to the Spanish Economy and the Spanish promoters start again building new properties BUT the difference now is they have learns past mistakes, new and better building and isolation law comes , better urbanistic plans appears, new architecte wave, new financial laws to protect all investors in new homes in Spain.

We have a team exclusively dedicated to servicing clients that are looking for a brand new home in Spain.

Click for the sun gives advice to those who are considering purchasing an Off-Plan property and we highlights the advantages:

  • You purchase a brand new modern property with a 10 year structural guarantee.
  • You have a variety of choice and opportunity to customize the property to your needs.
  • There is a substantial increase in the quality of building materials and design.
  • The builders use the latest energy efficient technologies.
  • Services and all amenities close are very important.
  • Builder take care of the services of the development.
  • Builders realise the needs of foreigners clients.

And we take care of you because:

  • Click for the sun is committed to protecting your investment in Spain.
  • We have a robust due diligence process that ensures we only deal with reputable developers that have the right safeguards in place protecting your money.
  • We provide a comprehensive legal service to ensure the property you are buying meets the standards set.
  • And the most important for us, we will be here forever!


Ask , Ask , Ask and after Ask again !!!!!

When visiting with us , look every where in the property, check the building quality and finishings, check the materials use, ask for the final price all included, thing in the future and visualize yourself in the property. Ask for the delays, ask everything is clear and add on the buying contract.

Click for the sun answer professionally all your question and in the viewing trips always give you some tips of the real estate market in Spain.

Our unique work is listen to you and then use all this information to show you the right properties for you.

You are the boss, and you decide is the only truth.

The areas close to the properties, the services , the environment, the spanish experience is very important and we show it to you like it is.

When you choose your property first thing to do is to prove you who is the owner of the building and who is selling it to you. Yes we do prove this to you!

We check, negotiate and translate the purchase contract with the builder and explain all legal side and costing’s.

At this point the payment Schedule is very important. This is to be 50% – 70% in accordance with the building process and the other 30% – 50% at the notary.

Click for the Sun works with the best banks specialized in expats mortgages and YES, the Spanish bank give mortgages again.

A mortgage process can take between 3 weeks and 1 month and we deal with all the paperwork for you.

To take the property you choose off the market you must pay a deposit of  between €3,000 and €6,000 by bank transfer or credit card directly to the builder. By Law you can not pay more than €1,000 cash.

Later on you must sign a buying contract and pay in accordance with the schedule payment agreed in the contract. Always directly pay the builder by bank transfer. Click for the Sun will never ask you any money for the property.

Builders use to be flexible with the payment schedule but its usual to pay 50 % of the property and the other 50 % on completion at the notary.

Is very important to know the schedule of payments and pay on time.

Yes, in the new build market the price is the same for everybody. If you find a lower price is because is a different property (different plot) or is an old price.

To buy a property in Spain you need your original passport and NIE number.

Click for the Sun will obviously help you with everything.

To open a bank account in Spain you need your passport and NIE number.
For European laundry law some banks can ask you to prove your address in united kingdom with a copy of utility bill and bank statements to prove the origin of the founds you will use to pay your property in Spain .

When you sign the deeds at the notary you are the new owner of the property. After the signature you have 3 months to pay your taxes (1.5%) and stamp duty.

New building tax is 11.5% of the property price.

You pay 10% VAT directly to the builder and 1.5% to the region tax office .

In Spain is the Notary who certify with a deed the purchase of your property and the service of a solicitor to buy a property is not obligatory but is highly recommendable to ensure all the process to buy a property in Spain.

Legal fees to buy a property in Spain are approximately €3,000 including legal fees, notary and land register fees.

All property expenses like, electric, water, home insurance, community fees, property tax and non resident tax are paid by direct debit via your Spanish bank account.

Yes, it is highly recommended to have home insurance to cover the building and contents.

Click for the Sun is an exclusive Allianz insurance agent and can give you a direct service.

The cost of advice.

Its very simple, our services are paid by the builder.

At Click for the Sun we’re committed to building long-lasting client relationships based on a foundation on trust.

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If you have any further questions on the steps to take to buy a new build home in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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