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Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is an exclusive residential complex with low housing density and built around an award winning 18-hole golf course. In a privileged location, Las Colinas sits on a valley surrounded by hills and a Nature reserve of protected land and woodland.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club stands out for its privacy, natural beauty, exceptional climate, extremely good connections by road, train and air and conservation of the natural surroundings. Its homes, amenities, infrastructures and the golf course itself all blend perfectly into the landscape.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is setting up the systems and procedures deemed appropriate in order to guarantee that owners can enjoy exclusive privileges. The system is based on identification via a QR code, which be provided to all owners. This code is individual and non-transferable.

The QR code is a purpose-made, machine-readable code. This image stores all the necessary information for identification purposes and the versatility of the system means it can be saved in multiple formats: you can store your code on your mobile phone (saved as an image) or you can even print it on paper.

The only requirement is that image of the code must not be deteriorated. Using the code allocated to you, you will be able to identify yourself easily and enjoy all the privileges exclusive to homeowners.

Alternatively, by visiting the management offices during working hours, where our staff will take your details and collect the photographs of the persons registered as owners of the home, as well as the full address of your property.

For specific use of the Beach Club, each homeowner can provide a list of names and photographs of all nominated members, via either of the channels mentioned above.

Remember that two persons for each bedroom in the property are entitled to use the Beach Club, up to a maximum number of six. Said entry permits are individual and non-transferable and owners must nominate said persons before the start of the season each year.

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