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Real estate in Murcia: discover houses, apartments and villas for sale in Murcia!

If you want to invest or settle in a hot and sunny part of Spain, we can only recommend Murcia. Click for the Sun presents many real estate properties (houses, apartments, villas, etc.) which are waiting for you in Murcia!

Murcia in a few words…

Murcia is located 350 km south-east of Madrid. The city, which has almost 450,000 inhabitants, is part of the Costa Blanca. Murcia is actually one of the most populous cities in Spain.

Its strengths: its climate, its culture and its architecture.

Murcia: a sunny and warm climate

To make it short, know that the city of Murcia has no less than 320 days of sunshine per year.

The city benefits from a semi-arid climate. The summer periods are long and torrid: temperatures can exceed 38 or even 45 ° C!

The winter period, on the other hand, is generally short and mild. Mercury rarely drops below 0 ° C.

If the rain is not present there, when it arrives, it can nevertheless cause significant flooding.

Update on the real estate sector in Murcia

Many apartments, houses and villas for sale in Murcia

While Murcia is a great city to live in, it’s also a great place to invest!

Click for the Sun can offer you new houses or villas from only 106,000 €. For a new apartment, you will need at least € 75,000.

Invest in real estate in Murcia with Click for the Sun

Maybe the house, apartment or villa of your dreams is in Murcia. Discover our real estate in Murcia without further delay!

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